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Non-invasive brain stimulation: how reliably can we change your mind?

Non-invasive brain stimulation is becoming increasingly popular within scientific research. This is because it has the ability to painlessly influence targeted regions of the brain, without the side effects associated with many medications. At first glance, the

Ventral medial prefrontal cortex: is it a brain target for drug-seeking control?

A weak direct current applied non-invasively (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation – tDCS) over the scalp in both sides over the frontal lateral region of the head, corresponding to what it is called as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,

New therapy for itch in the future

Chronic itch is a major and distressing symptom in dermatological diseases including atopic eczema and significantly impairs the patient’s quality of life. In current, millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic itch. However, it is poorly treated.