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Fatigue and torsional resistance of controlled memory and conventional nickel-titanium endodontic instruments

The endodontic field encountered an important breakthrough with the introduction of the nitinol alloy. It offers special mechanical properties like a shape memory effect and superelasticity. Despite of the particular properties of NiTi instruments, they could suffer

Titanium (IV) complex as catalyst to synthesize urea, thio-urea and guanidine

Well – defined organometallic complexes have played a pivotal role in homogeneous catalysis and in the development of environmentally benign processes. A number of transition and lanthanide metal complexes have already proven to be excellent catalysts in

Where the titanium Woozle wasn’t? – Speeding cancer cells to an early death…

Nearly 40 years ago in the excitement of cisplatin, the first general anti-cancer based on useful but toxic platinum, many other metals go tried and some positive effects were found for titanium.  It was natural to assume

Antibacterial Titanium dioxide embedded in polymers

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) antibacterial surfaces are growing continuously in the health care areas. This is an important application since infectious biofilms are the main source of human infections in hospitals, schools and public places. When bacteria contacts