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Erythropoietin can improve urethral healing

Erythropoietin Can Improve Urethral Healing. AoS

The most important problem of urethral wound healing is an increase in abnormal fibrosis because of imbalances in the healing processes. Healing of traumatic or idiopathic wounds in the urethra is known to be complicated and a longer process

Urea is truly toxic: the empire strikes back

Urea is a metabolic waste product that accumulates in the body in the setting of chronic kidney disease. It is routinely measured on blood tests as a marker of kidney function (higher urea levels indicate lower kidney

Titanium (IV) complex as catalyst to synthesize urea, thio-urea and guanidine

Well – defined organometallic complexes have played a pivotal role in homogeneous catalysis and in the development of environmentally benign processes. A number of transition and lanthanide metal complexes have already proven to be excellent catalysts in

Controlling self-assembly processes on 2-D surface

Supramolecular self-assembly on two-dimensional (2-D) surface is a powerful approach to construct functionalized surfaces. In a self-assembly process, molecules assemble via noncovalent interactions such as van der Waals or hydrogen bonding interactions, and form periodic nano structures.