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Proteins regulate cancer cell attachment

Aggressive cancer cells are able to leave their original site and invade other tissues. In order for these cells to do this, they must have some way of moving around. This means that a cancer cell must

Are Internet lifestyle products counterfeit? A consumer-based survey

The use of lifestyle products has increased over the last few years particularly with the change in the social behaviour of individuals and the ease of access of medicines via the Internet. Lifestyle products can be of

New morphology of amyloid fibrils

It has been shown earlier that one of the proteins from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall (glucantransferase Bgl2) forms amyloid structures after isolation from cell wall under acid pH conditions. It is known that the acid treatment

Blue nevus of the uterine cervix – a melanocytic lesion corresponding to cutaneous blue nevi

Blue nevi are benign melanocytic disorders, which commonly present cutaneous lesions and rarely arise in female genital tracts. To date, although several cases of endocervical blue nevi have been reported, their biological nature is not sufficiently clarified.