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Isoporphyrins – Bioinspired NIR-Dyes

A contemporary concept in cancer therapy relies on the use of light and oxygen for cancer cell destruction. This process called Photodynamic Therapy, or shortly PDT, is mediated by suitable dyes, which are applied locally to the

Engineering native microbiome with stable symbionts: Novel approach to sustain agriculture

The depletion of biosphere resources and the ever-growing global human population have necessitated development of several strategies to sustainable agriculture and secure food safety . Applications of chemical fertilizers and development of transgenic plants have improved the

Role of fermented beverages in the maintenance of weight loss

Obesity is an increasingly prevalent disease and is associated with multiple chronic complications, such as diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, increased risk of cancer, etc. These complications may be ameliorated or even disappear after small but maintained weight

Decreased vagally-mediated heart rate variability in a conditional NPY Y1 receptor knockout mouse

Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is a protein involved in the complex regulation of a variety of physiological functions that range from feeding to emotions. In the central nervous system NPY is able to influence autonomic nervous system regulation