How can writing help with mental health?

Posted by Sully Davis

Over the years, many positive attributes have been connected to writing, whether it’s just keeping a diary or writing on interesting stuff. Of course, those who are mostly involved in college research papers and similar lengthy essays would beg to disagree, especially when the topics of interest don’t suit their interests. However, the tide has seemingly turned over because another factor has been added to the evaluation scale – the concept of emotional health.

There was a time when little was said about the mental health of an individual. Even though the generally accepted definition of health involved the three standards of “physical, mental and social”, more emphasis was always placed on the physical part and the social, but little on the mental. Thanks to continuous research over the years on emotional health, people are beginning to understand the importance of having not only a healthy body but a healthy mind.

We will try to examine some of the benefits of writing as they relate to mental wellbeing.

1. Memory enhancement
Who knew that writing could help us deal with negative energy such as stress? Scientists conducted a research and found out that college students who kept dairies where they “wrote down” their stress situations were more likely to use less energy to memorise information, meaning they caught on to things quicker. You can read some useful articles about this phenomena at PapersOwl, where professional writers share their experience. If you also decide to write an academic paper on this topic, read as much information as possible.

2. Enhanced creativity
A particular aspect of writing involves keeping dream journals. Now, we all know that a large number of abstract thoughts we have are formed when we sleep or have dreams. Keeping track of these dreams could do a number for your imagination, like nutritional supplements enhance our body’s performance. One gets to develop a vivid, active imagination that could inspire towards a book or other works of art.

3. Anxiety relief
Yes, that’s right, even with research papers for sale! Writing is such an amazing activity. It’s like a channel to ‘let out’ any anxiety one might have. Here’ the way it works: When we are anxious we temporarily lose the ability to think straight and make relevant sensible decisions. The mind gets stretched or ‘exercised’ through the things we do with it – analyse, plan, decide. When one’s mind doesn’t get a chance to stretch itself correctly, it could be very unhealthy for the person, even an academic with years of experience. It is therefore advised for people to take to different forms of expressing their thoughts on paper to unburden their minds for better thoughts.

4. Improved Leader Skills
Leaders are readers… and writers too! One of the most important attributes of leaders is their ability to make sense of and critically examine global events around them. Only through critical reflection are they able to guide their followers in the right train of thought without misleading them. Critical reflection is a skill that can be developed through writing. By collecting your thoughts on a paper, you get to look at them more often, which would sometimes lead you to question their source, the things that triggered those thoughts and even bringing out other new thoughts from them. All these mental activities form part of reflection and can be used by people to improve their leadership potential.

To sum up, it is important to care about your mental health. Well, over time there have been some connections made between the art of writing and maintaining your mind’s health. Matter of fact, it’s one of the top benefits of creative writing that people consider today besides the financial gain. In a world where everything threatens to tug at one’s mind with the aim of making them go nuts, having a healthy hobby to exercise your mind forms an important aspect of one’s life.


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