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Tips to Craft an Effective Thesis for Your College Paper

Tips to Craft an Effective Thesis. AoS

Lots of students consider essay writing a mind-numbing process as it often takes too much time and leaves students completely drained. The problem is few learners bother to think through every writing stage and plan their work

5 best ways to improve your academic writing skills online

Writing can be intimidating, and most students cite writing as the most challenging and their least favorite part of the college or university experience. Academic writing is a skill like any other, and just as you need

Your first year of college: How to survive?

Your first year of college: How to survive

Fortunately, dreams tend to come true. Yesterday, the global goal of your whole life was to go to college, and today, you are already a student. And this is not only fun, but it is also a

How to successfully write a scientific essay

Posted by Cody Rhodes If you are undertaking a course which relates to science, you are more or less apt to write an essay on science. You need to know how to write a science essay irrespective

3 principles of expert guidance on writing lab reports

3 principles of expert guidance on writing lab reports

Posted by Catherine Bennet Lab reports account up to 25% of the overall grade in most technical courses. Unfortunately, most students don’t take this task with the utmost seriousness it deserves. Students presume writing lab reports as

English borrowing: 5+ tips on how to write borrowed words correctly

Posted by Noah Harris How often do you dig yourself deeper into a hole how to write affect or effect, lay or lie, grey or gray? If it happens to you very often, what to say about

How can writing help with mental health?

How can writing help with mental health

Posted by Sully Davis Over the years, many positive attributes have been connected to writing, whether it’s just keeping a diary or writing on interesting stuff. Of course, those who are mostly involved in college research papers and