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Isolation of stable monomeric organo aluminum radicals

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and its numerous chemical derivatives have various applications in organic as well in organometallic synthesis. The oxidation state +III is thermodynamically favorable for aluminum, while the chemistry

Necessity of global consensus for implementing new initiatives for treatment of aluminum phosphide poisoning

Aluminum phosphide (ALP) is an agricultural pesticide that is used worldwide to kill pests and rodents. It is effective and cheap pesticide that make it readily available especially in developing countries. Its global attention arises from the

Tracing aluminium adjuvants in viable cells

To improve the effect of a vaccine, adjuvants are often included in the vaccine formulation. An adjuvant is a molecule that potentiates the immune response induced by the vaccine, and commonly used adjuvants in vaccine formulations are

Deposition of aluminum and iron in benign bone tumors (exostosis)

An exostosis is an outgrowth of new bone from the surface of a bone into the muscles; it is a frequent benign tumor in children. An exostosis causes discomfort and chronic pain, depending on its size and

Confirming Aluminum Homocatenation

The capacity of atoms to form bonds with themselves producing chain-like structures, so called atomic homocatenation, plays an important role in the life formation. Carbon is capable of forming very long chain in the CnHn+2 alkanes. Other