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Chaperones’ seduction

Molecular chaperones are a very special class of proteins found in all organisms from bacteria to humans. Like their name suggests, they accompany and supervise the correct folding of all the other proteins in cells. This process

A link between reduced blood oxygenation and failure in learning and memory in a mouse model of Down syndrome

Down Syndrome (DS) is the most frequent genetic cause of cognitive disability in humans, affecting more than 6 million people worldwide. Triplication of more than 300 genes on chromosome 21 results in gene dosage imbalance that affects

Glutathione: a molecular whistleblower for Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease: Neurons in select pockets of the brain begin to die off, slowly and incrementally erasing an individual’s memory and eroding their individuality. It is a devastating disease, one that affects more than 36 million individuals

Depression and dementia among American Indian and Alaska native elders

In the United States when talking about health care we tend to refer to national or state programs as uniform programs that are accessed by all U.S. citizens. . But there are groups that have a separate,

“Metal cats”: on the presence of chemical elements in feline reproductive system

Our cats may have their own ways but they still have a lot in common with humans. For example they suffer from similar diseases: diabetes mellitus, overactive thyroid or Alzheimers. However, most importantly, they often inhabit nearly

Should we protect the brain barriers to prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

When discovered in 1906, Alzheimer’s disease was described as a peculiar disease and was rarely observed in the population. Today it is one of the top five causes of the death in elderly worldwide. People with Alzheimer’s