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Magnetic NPs for automatic speciation analysis of inorganic arsenic in environmental water samples

Magnetic NPs for automatic speciation analysis

Arsenic is a ubiquitous element in the environment originated from natural sources as well as human activities. This element has been identified as a public health problem because it has serious toxic effects even at low exposure

How selenium tolerates arsenic toxicity in rice plant? Role of phenolics and nutrient elements in amelioration of arsenic induced phytotoxicity

Arsenic (As) contamination is a major environmental hazard of recent times which poses a health risk for human through food chain contamination. Nearly 200 million people are at risk of As toxicity. Millions of people depend on

Electromembrane extraction and spectrophotometric determination of As(V) in water samples

Arsenic is an important environmental element because of its high toxicity at the level of parts per billion. According to World Health Organization (WHO) guideline on drinking water quality, the maximum permitted concentration of arsenic in drinking

What we have done on arsenic issue in last 15 years in Bangladesh (The Millennium Development Goal period 2000-2015)?

Arsenic is well known poisonous chemical component which naturally found in underground from soil, and water. Bangladesh is one of the country where certain area of its ground water has been contaminated with arsenic. Majority of its

Arsenic in drinking water and suicide

It is well-known that micro or trace minerals, like arsenic, aluminium, mercury and others are essential for good health. However, in spite of the fact that our body requires a tiny amount of arsenic in order to

Genome studies of a soil bacterium, a potential candidate for removing arsenic from contaminated water

Worldwide various human activities such as mining, chemical industries, use of arsenic-based pesticides, and natural occurrences result in contamination of soil and water with heavy metals and cause severe environmental and health problems. Millions of people are

Arsenic and other elements in drinking water

Arsenic (As) is a toxic element, known as class (I) human carcinogen and widely distributed in the environment in trace amount. The occurrence of naturally As contamination in groundwater has been reported globally, particularly in Southeast Asia.