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Bioactive extracts from Posidonia oceanica waste biomass: Are organic solvents necessary?

Bioactive compounds with antioxidant and antimicrobial activity have found applications in a broad range of areas within the pharmaceutical and food industries. As a result, the prospection of new biomass resources to obtain natural extracts with these

Waste to wealth: hydrothermal liquefaction of agricultural and forestry wastes into value-added chemicals

Hydrothermal liquefaction has been widely applied to obtain bioenergy and high -value chemicals from biomass in the presence of a solvent at moderate to high temperature (200 °C to 550 °C) and pressure (5 MPa to 25

Stress hormone level shoots up during abiotic stress to sustains the stress in S. quadricauda

Energy is an inevitable part and makes life possible.  Globally, over 90 percent of transportation energy requirement is met by fossil fuels. International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that, if we continue to use the fossil fuel at

From Biomass to Medicines: a cellulose derived product as building block in the synthesis of bioactive compounds

The bio-refinery concept is based on replacing fossil fuel with biomass, having the advantage to use renewable natural raw materials. This topic is currently of interest in academic studies, industrial applications and political strategies, both for the

Crab shells to value-added chemicals by combining chemical and physical forces

Shells of crabs and shrimps are a great resource for producing a variety of valuable chemicals. The exoskeleton of these animals is made up of a polymer chitin, which is the most abundant marine biomass on our