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Divorce can be good for health in traditional societies such as China

China has achieved impressive economic growth during the last three decades due to rapid industrialization that has been facilitated by “Special Economic Zones”. In addition, internal migration of over 150 million workers from rural to urban areas

How will China’s development of wind power contribute to global warming?

As a non-fossil technology, wind power has an enormous advantage over coal because of its role in climate change mitigation. Despite wind power may not be a pure zero-emission technology from the perspective of life cycle emissions,

Don’t underestimate biodiversity

When you are delimiting species, the units of biodiversity, you must be as up-to-date as possible. We are everyday finding out new things about the living world: discovering new species, reworking the classification and affinities of old ones,

Chinese plants against syphilis from a 1740 French treatise by Jean Astruc

Historical medical sources can be still queried for forgotten cures and remedies. Chinese materia medica and remedies recorded or imported by the Europeans still reveal unknown or forgotten medicinal plants. An unknown today, versatile treatise on venereology

Perfluorinated compounds in the atmosphere of Shenzhen, China

High volume air samples taken to 13 sampling sites that were chosen in 6 districts of Shenzhen, China from September to November, 2011 were analyzed for 11 perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). A set of ionic nonvolatile PFCs including

Impact of phosphate mining on the hydrology and water quality of a river basin in China

Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient to plant production. Phosphate mining (PM) activities have been strongly motivated by the increased marketing of fertilizer produced by PM. The PM activities (i.e., processes of exploitation, exploration, and beneficiation) can

Co-benefit control and its enhancement can cost-effectively mitigate mercury emission from coal-fired power plants in China

Atmospheric mercury pollution has been a global concern owing to its neurotoxicity, persistence, long-range transportability and bioaccumulation in ecosystems, especially since Minamata Convention on Mercury was adopted internationally in 2013 to jointly control mercury emissions and releases.

The Chinese version of moral sensitivity questionnaire-revised

Nurses face many ethical issues in their daily work of caring for patients. Ethical sensitivity equips nurses with the framework to make decisions in the best interest of their patients. By recognizing the presence of an ethical