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Why genomic research must be diverse and inclusive

In April 2003, the world witnessed the completion of the human genome project: a grand scientific feat comparable to man’s first steps on the moon. This 13-year, publicly funded undertaking determined the DNA sequence of the human

Spider diversity in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Compared to the Amazon Forest, the Atlantic Forest along the eastern coast of Brazil may appear small and insignificant. With respect to area this is true: with 95,000 km2, the Atlantic Forest covers less than 2% of

AMF assemblages in biocrusts from a Neotropical savanna are not related to the perennial Trachypogon

The mycorrhizal symbiosis plays an important role in nutrient uptake by plants. The AMF act as a bridge, connecting the soil and plant roots. The mycorrhizal fungi help their plant hosts by taking up and transferring soil

Uncovering the diversity of a rich insect family in Colombia, the case of the genus Notiospathius

To understand a phenomenon, we usually start by looking at the number and type of parts that compose that subject; we like to know the anatomy of a system in order to move into its functionality. The

Diversity in the health professions

Our country is becoming more diverse. It is predicted that 24 years from now, we will not have a majority group.  When combined, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans and Native Americans will be the majority group. Since

Tree hole mosquitoes in Western and Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India

Mosquitoes are most dangerous tiny insects killing 7.25 million people in the world annually. They serve as carrier of deadliest pathogens causing dengue, malaria, chikungunya, filariasis, West Nile virus, zika, Japanese encephalitis, etc. Nearly everyone knowns that