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Prioritization of unregulated disinfection by-products in water distribution systems

Drinking water contamination has been recognized as a global challenge. Water contamination due to the regrowth of microorganisms, including harmful pathogens, has been recognized as a critical drinking water quality failure pathway. Disinfection is a common process

The groundwater quality assessment of Fars province, Iran

Groundwater is an important supplier of irrigation and drinking water, and it has a strong impact on rivers and aquatic ecosystems. In the developing countries like Iran, 80% of all diseases are directly related to poor drinking

Can solar driven processes effectively control antibiotic resistance and cytotoxicity during drinking water treatment?

Antibiotics, antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant genes have been detected in various aquatic environments because of the disposal of both treated and untreated wastewater. Their occurrence in water is a threat for human and animal health

What’s in your water? Using DNA to keep drinking waters clean

Turn on a tap, and many of us will be greeted with safe and clean drinking water. This is something that people living in developed nations often take for granted, as contaminated drinking water is a significant

Arsenic in drinking water and suicide

It is well-known that micro or trace minerals, like arsenic, aluminium, mercury and others are essential for good health. However, in spite of the fact that our body requires a tiny amount of arsenic in order to

Arsenic and other elements in drinking water

Arsenic (As) is a toxic element, known as class (I) human carcinogen and widely distributed in the environment in trace amount. The occurrence of naturally As contamination in groundwater has been reported globally, particularly in Southeast Asia.