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Healthy commuting – exposure to particulate matter using different transport modes

Atmospheric particulate matter is one of the leading risk factors for premature death worldwide. Short-term exposure leads to worsening of respiratory symptoms, especially for patients with pulmonary diseases like asthma and COPD whereas long-term exposure increases the

Transient airborne particulate matters (PM) on subway platform

As the number of people using rapid transit systems (subways) continues to rise in major cities worldwide, increasing attention has been given to the indoor air quality of underground stations. One of most serious air pollutants is

What does “I need to breathe some pure air” really mean?

When people live in urban environments, getting away from the city, the noise and the smog, becomes some sort of “physiological need”. This is also true in exciting places like Barcelona. But, do we really have reasons

What do we breathe? A study of particular matter exposure and deposition in the human respiratory tract

Have you ever thought about the diameter of a single hair from your head? It is somewhere between 50-70 µm. (micrometres, or thousandth of millimetres) wide. Small, isn’t it? Well, now think about liquid or solid droplets