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Friendly supporter or unfriendly disrupter? Understanding extraordinary phenomena under high humidity for novel oxychloride photocatalysts

Water, a strongly polar molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen, is indispensable for human beings as well as all living organisms. We obtain energy for our activities mostly from oxidation of food, but tracing this back

Greywater. Waste or treasure?

In the last years humanity is faced with the problem of water pollution, an issue that threatens people’s health and degrades the life quality. According to WHO 663 million people rely on sources of questionable quality and

Bioinspired photocatalyzed Alkyl/Aryl thiosulfate transformation for drug modification

Aiming to conserve energy and reduce emissions, chemists have been trying to mimic the complex photosynthetic process of plants in relatively simple chemical ways, such as photocatalyzed reduction of carbon dioxide and solar-driven splitting of water into