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Large animal models for osteochondral regeneration

Comparison of common currently used large animal models

Due to the lacking of a blood supply and the low cellular density of articular cartilage, this hard tissue has a limited healing capacity. Therefore, focal traumatic events causing cartilage defects rarely resolve spontaneously or are usually

Does acute kidney injury affect other organs?

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a common and serious condition with no specific treatment. AKI has been estimated to cost the NHS in the UK alone between £451-626 million per year. Recovery from a single episode of

Excess oxygen worsens actual oxygen supply to the heart muscle in pigs

The use of supplemental oxygen in acute medical care is perceived beneficial by many health care professionals. However, current guidelines limit the excess use of oxygen after successful resuscitation following cardiac arrest. This recommendation is based on

Parasites hidden in feedstuff – pigs also have to watch what they eat!

In many parts of the world, Sunday pork roast is not as delicious as it might sound. The tapeworm with the Latin name Taenia solium is a parasite that causes much suffering mainly in low-income countries where

Are domestic pig hybrids sick more often than other wild boar?

We know from genetic research that about 4% of the wild boars that roam Northwest Europe are hybrids between wild boar and domestic pigs. These hybrids resulted from wild x domestic crosses in recent years. The sources