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Cyclodextrins in active packaging

Cyclodextrins in Active Packaging. Atlas of Science

Active packaging serves not only as passive barrier designed to delay adverse effects of the environment on the packaged item, e.g., food, but allows interaction between the packaged goods and the environment. It controls moisture, oxygen, may

Observing marine plastic litter from space, a supporting model

Reflectance spectra of high-density polyethylene

There is growing global concern over the plastics pollution of our oceans and the many unanswered questions about its sources, sinks, pathways and impacts. Remote sensing (RS), the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from

Genital gender-affirming surgery: a history from the shadows to the forefront

Gender dysphoria is characterized by a discrepancy between an individual’s gender at birth and the gender with which they identify themselves. Gender-affirming surgery encompasses a variety of procedures that aim to alleviate gender dysphoria. These are broadly

Optically transparent shape memory polyimide- a candidate for flexible optoelectronics

Optically transparent polyimides (PI) have attracted more and more attentions due to their extensive applications in flexible optoelectronics, e. g. plastic substrate of image displays, flexible printing circuit board, optical waveguides of communication interconnects, and liquid crystal

CAD/CAM-fabricated fixed dental prostheses made from acrylic resin as long-term temporaries

CAD/CAM technology made great strides within the last 15 years. Not only software and hardware of the computers, but also the integration in milling machines drives manufacturers to provide continuously improved systems to the market. These fabrication

Can nanotechnology promote biodegradation of plastics?

It is well-known that plastic waste has become a major environmental problem. Would it not be wonderful if plastics could disappear as they were merely food waste? And even better, would it not be incredible if we

Plastics in horticultural soils. Does it matters?

Horticulture is an important periurban activity that provides fresh fruit and vegetables to big cities. It has increased its productivity due to two different techniques: plastic sheeting and pesticide application. Plastic (mainly polyethylene) film is used in