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Ecotoxicology at the era of biocontrol expansion

AoS. Ecotoxicology at the era of biocontrol expansion.

The French network ECOTOX questioned recently the implementation of ecotoxicology tools and concepts within the elaboration of biocontrol strategies. Ecotoxicology is defined as the science which studies the impacts of human activity (industry, agriculture, urban growth…) on

Providing the evidence necessary to make informed decisions for contaminated land

The last 40 years of ‘environmental revolution’ in Europe and beyond has helped to establish comprehensive frameworks built around preventing pollution and risk-based management. After various lessons learnt, several countries, namely the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, the

Physical deformities in fruit flies on long term exposure to zinc oxide nanoparticles

Nano is a unit prefix meaning “one billionth, derived from Greek word nánnos means “dwarf”. The potential of matter at nano scale was given by Dr. Richard Feynman in his lecture “There is plenty of space at the bottom”. His idea

Oil spills can be catastrophic: which European coastal regions are most at risk?

From Portuguese shores to North Sea coasts European Atlantic regions are at high risk of being affected by oil and other marine spills, with United Kingdom most affected, according to recent research analysing the potential impact of

Simple method to assess health risk of vehicle interior pollution

In recent years, a vehicle cabin has been recognized as an important indoor environment for people often go working, shopping, traveling, school and home with vehicles. Unfortunately, people can exposure to airborne VOCs pollution in vehicular cabins.

Using small unmanned aircraft to assess harmful algal blooms in ponds and lakes

Water quality in ponds and lakes is of the utmost importance, it affects drinking water quality, recreational use of lakes, and agricultural production. Excess nutrients entering ponds and lakes, from agricultural, urban and industrial activities, may cause

Spousal assaulters in outpatient mental health care

Domestic violence is defined as: ‘a physical, mental or sexual violation of the personal integrity of the victim by a person from the victim’s family circle. This includes (ex)-partners, family members and family friends of the victim’