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Risk due to explosion of the tank with LPG

Accident events that lead to tank explosion include Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion (BLEVE), Mechanical Explosion (ME), Confined Explosion (CE) and Runaway Reaction (RR). Accidents that are accompanied by the explosion of the tank are distinguished by

Threats from antifouling priority pollutants in the Adriatic sea

To ensure the preservation of public health and ecosystems it is essential to reach a good chemical status of surface water bodies and groundwater. To this end, such waters should comply with the Environmental Quality Standards (EQS)

Forewarned is forearmed: Protect your children from surprising hot weather injuries this summer

It is known that hot weather adversely affects health and raises mortality rates. This has been reported globally by the World Health Organisation, and locally in Australia.  In addition to death, adverse effects of health that have

Risk factors for psychotic major depression

Risk factors are attributes, characteristics, or experience that increase the likelihood of developing an illness or disorder. An understanding of the risk factors involved in mental disorders may inform the development of more effective treatments or even

Disregarded drivers of diversity within tumors

The past decades of cancer research have uncovered the staggering extent and widespread prevalence of intratumor heterogeneity, which refers to the differences between the genomes of cells in a tumor. In theory, each cancer arises from a