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Certain transcripts synthesized by RNA polymerase III in mammals became polyadenylation-competent

It has been known for 40 years that eukaryotic mRNA molecules contain a region of up to 250 adenine residues at the 3’ end. This poly(A) tail mediates mRNA nuclear export, translation, and protection from degradation in

In silico prediction of ebolavirus RNA polymerase inhibition

A virus at work: Let us assume that you are a virus that just infected a cell (the HOST CELL) of an individual (the PATIENT). What is your vicious objective? You want to make copies of yourself

A variant RNA polymerase controls bacterial pathogenicity and stress responses

In order for cells to carry out normal functions, the genetic information stored in DNA needs to be first converted to RNA. This conversion – known as transcription – is carried out by a class of enzymes