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New strategy for the degradation of persistent pollutants in water

An hybrid solid system for the degradation of persistent pollutants was realized by mixing titanium dioxide, silica and an enzyme extracted from soybean hulls. Removal of organic pollutants from urban and industrial wastewaters is one of the

What happens to corn tortillas when you add soybean?

Corn tortillas are traditional Mexican and Central American flatbreads made from cooking corn that has been treated with alkaline, in the form of limestone. While corn tortillas provide high levels of carbohydrates and calcium, they are low

Essential role of a conserved nitrogen phosphotransferase system in rhizobium-legume symbiosis

The overuse of chemical nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture has caused serious environmental issues around the world. Legume crops play important roles in sustainable agriculture and are characterized by their ability of forming nitrogen-fixing nodules, in which rhizobia