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The olive fruit fly is never alone! Can its bacterial symbionts be useful in managing this olive pest?

AoS. The olive fruit fly is never alone

The notion of individual has changed trough time, and truly, we are never alone as most organisms are entangled in symbioses. As first used in 1879 by Anton de Bary, symbiosis refers to close, long-term associations between

Essential role of a conserved nitrogen phosphotransferase system in rhizobium-legume symbiosis

The overuse of chemical nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture has caused serious environmental issues around the world. Legume crops play important roles in sustainable agriculture and are characterized by their ability of forming nitrogen-fixing nodules, in which rhizobia

The discovery of an ancient symbiosis challenges a decades old paradigm

The vast majority of land plants form intimate nutritional partnerships with filamentous fungi wherein fungal-acquired mineral nutrients from the soil are traded for plant-generated organic carbon.  These mutualistic associations, known as arbuscular mycorrhizas (“tree-like fungus-roots”), are widely