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The complementary anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity of hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives

AoS.The complementary anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity of hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives

Inflammation is an important and extremely complex biological process involving a high number of mediators responsible for the activation of multiple cascades, providing a wide range of possible targets for the pharmacological treatment of inflammatory-related diseases. It

Transient imine directing groups for C–H functionalisation

In chemistry, ‘organic’ molecules are defined as having a carbon-based structure and are found in all living systems. They can also be designed and synthesised for application in numerous industries, for example as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, cosmetics, paints,

Molecular transformation from monocyclic to chiral tricyclic scaffold by using organonickel catalyst

Waste-free (or -minimized) molecular transformations from chemical feedstocks to complex structures is a state of the art, as it provides a cost-effective, environmentally benign and practical route to natural products as well as active pharmaceutical candidates (API).

Coevolutionary games and dynamic fitness landscapes: A synthesis?

A main feature of Darwinian evolution is that success in survival and reproduction is directed by selective pressure and entails competition among individuals. In other words, it is largely justified to recognize the proverbial survival of the

Alkene synthesis – any way you want it

An alkene is a molecule containing two carbon atoms connected by a double bond, C=C (Fig. 1A). Alkenes are very common but their proper preparation requires careful attention to the placement of the four groups (Ri, i

Antioxidant potential: curcumin vs curcumin glucuronide metabolites

Turmeric, the household spice, contains a major colouring pigment known as curcumin, together with other colouring agents (i.e. curcuminoids). Curcumin is known to exhibit potential antioxidant activity with therapeutic potential as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-diabetic agent and

From Biomass to Medicines: a cellulose derived product as building block in the synthesis of bioactive compounds

The bio-refinery concept is based on replacing fossil fuel with biomass, having the advantage to use renewable natural raw materials. This topic is currently of interest in academic studies, industrial applications and political strategies, both for the

The use of co-crystal technology for stabilizing energetic materials

The use of co-crystallizations is emerging as a new avenue for modifying the solid-state properties of a wide range of high-value chemicals, such as agrochemicals, pharmaceutics, dyes, and nutraceuticals, in such a way that certain physical properties