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Inorganic Cadmium affects the fluidity and size of phospholipid based liposomes

Inorganic Cadmium (Cd) is a non-essential metal and a toxic environmental pollutant that induces multiple biochemical dysfunctions. Due to industrial activities since the 1800s, exposure to ever increasing levels of Cd has resulted in a significant impact

From toxic wastes to valuable products: valorization of olive oil mill wastewater using mushrooms

Global olive oil production amounts to 2952 thousand tons, of which 71.7% is produced in Europe. Olive oil is a necessary dietary supplement, with various commonly known benefits for human health; however, its production process leads also

Fishing highly explosive and toxic TNP

Water pollution by anthropogenic sources such as industrial effluents, mining activities, use of fertilizers and pesticides, dumping grounds is increasing in alarming rate. Picric acid (2,4,6-trinitrophenol, TNP) is highly explosive molecule used in armour piercing shells, bombs,

Defeating cancer by taking advantage of its inbuilt frailties

The treatment of cancer is a conflicting and complex process; the drugs that are used to kill cancer cells are also toxic to your healthy tissues. However, the different physiology of tumors provides a route to deliver

The CORAL software as spyglass to detect “coral reefs” in ocean of nanotechnologies

There are many messages about nanomaterials. There are the both bad and good facts. It is clear these substances are fastly penetrate into many fields of everyday life, such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, electronics, etc. Therefore one

“Metal cats”: on the presence of chemical elements in feline reproductive system

Our cats may have their own ways but they still have a lot in common with humans. For example they suffer from similar diseases: diabetes mellitus, overactive thyroid or Alzheimers. However, most importantly, they often inhabit nearly

Arsenic and other elements in drinking water

Arsenic (As) is a toxic element, known as class (I) human carcinogen and widely distributed in the environment in trace amount. The occurrence of naturally As contamination in groundwater has been reported globally, particularly in Southeast Asia.