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kINPen09 plasma treatment leads to antimicrobial effects against Candida albicans biofilms

Fluorescence microscopy of plasma-treated biofilms. AoS

Microbial communities are an increasing problem in medicine but also in industry. Thus, an efficient and rapid removal of biofilms from surfaces is becoming increasingly important. With the aid of the kINPen09, a radiofrequency plasma jet (RFPJ)

Targeting invasive fungi with the silver-bullet peptide

The incidence of resistance to antibiotics from infections is rising with new therapies and strategies required. One recent approach has been to combine antimicrobial silver and antibiotics such as vancomycin to combat infections. However, since antibiotics and

Harmonine – the defense compound of the Asian lady beetle is active against Leishmania major parasites

The Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis) is known to consume large numbers of aphids and mites and has been, therefore, used as biological control of these pests worldwide. However, some populations began to establish locally and H.

Antimicrobial resistance – what’s needed but how to get the resources to the innovators?

Antibiotic resistance is at a crisis point, nay a “tipping point”. There are several major programs which offer what sound like large sums of money to make new antibiotics, but to get these monies takes a lot