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Prison break – How fungi escape from a hostile environment inside immune cells

Prison break – How fungi escape from a hostile environment inside immune cells. AoS

Candida albicans is a commensal yeast of humans and colonizes ≈70% of the human population. It is common for C. albicans to cause self-limiting infections, but severe infections can be life-threatening. Invasive candidiasis occurs in patients with a

Future trends in high-resolution 3D visualization of individualized neurons in whole tissues using Synchrotron-based X-ray microtomography: a new world to be explored

Future trends in high-resolution 3D. AoS

The understanding of neuron cells as individualized entities has its beginning in the 19th century as a result of the work developed by Santiago Ramon y Cajal on the basis of histological techniques developed by Camillo Golgi. These

A tug-of-war helps shape membranes inside human cells

Imagine if you had to construct an intricate factory consisting of layered platforms interconnected with long tubes, using Lego pieces. The task would become more complex if this assembly would have to be periodically dismantled and rapidly

Essential biological pathways modulate many different aspects of cell biology

High throughput screening is the most common way to discover novel drugs as well as new ways in which drugs could act. Screening chemicals for drug discovery has identified a group of molecules which are able to

Digital model of the cancer cell

We are postulating that human cells should be analyzed as analog/digital systems (biological computers) capable of digitalizing the analog information from the environment, processing that information in digital form and producing a programmed action according to that