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Magnetic chitosan hydrogel: a good choice for hyperthermia application

AoS. Magnetic chitosan hydrogel

Hydrogels as three-dimensional polymeric networks have been of longstanding interest due to their biocompatibility, hydrophilic nature, desired functionality, high elasticity, and superb capacities for retaining large amount of water and other biological fluids. According to the unprecedented

Injectable hydrogels for microfluidic platforms

Combining biological processes and microfluidic platforms have recently attracted significant attention due to the possibility to fabricate devices for diagnosis of wide range of disorders. Although many immobilization techniques have been established for such systems, developing proper

Glutathione-responsive co-assembly hydrogel for controllable drug release

Glutathione-responsive nano-vehicles have gained considerable interest because several intracellular compartments such as cytosol, mitochondria, and cell nucleus contain a high concentration of glutathione (GSH, 2-10 mM) tripeptides, which is 100-1000 times higher than that in extracellular fluids

Fluorescent carbon dots integrated hydrogels for lung cancer therapy

Cancer is considered as one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Due to the ever changing lifestyle of the modern society, the incidence of cancer is on the rise. Lung cancer is the most frequently diagnosed