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A platform for measuring carbon and nitrogen levels of metabolism-related genes in durum wheat

Multiple lines of evidence confirm that as a result of human activities the greenhouse gas emissions are rising more rapidly than predicted and, consequently, the world is warming more quickly. Global climate change threatens for food security

A genetic switch for your health

We all have heard that reducing your caloric intake improves your health and may even extend your life. A fascinating aspect of calorie restriction is that it has similar beneficial effects in virtually all animal species tested.

What is really driving our need for food, besides the pleasure of taste?

We all know that this need is related, in some way, with life sustainability, but just how, exactly? The task of converting food into energy –and back again into organic compounds– is carried out by our metabolism,

HIV-1 pathology: when metabolism meets immunology

“We are what we eat” To this day, the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection is still a public health problem with more than 33 million affected people worldwide with a growing number of cases. Immunology