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Why do some people self-harm under distress? Harvard study suggests impulse control is key

AoS. Why do some people self-harm under distress

Self-harm, or non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), refers to people intentionally hurting themselves without intending suicide. Common examples include cutting, burning, or hitting oneself. A growing number of adolescents and young adults report NSSI – yet most have no

Suicide and drug overdose mortality in Australian young males as a socioeconomic malady

Suicide and drug overdose mortality in Australian young males. AoS

When mortality trends in Australian young adult (20–34 year) males are analysed over 1979–2011, some interesting features emerge. First, a decline in motor vehicle accident mortality by half between 1980 and 1998 did not translate into reduced

Suicide prevention or business scam?

Suicide is a significant public health issue and is a leading cause of death globally. For each person who dies by suicide, numerous family members, friends and members of the wider community are affected. Effective interventions that

Suicide in pregnancy: a tragic cause of maternal death on the Thai-Myanmar border

Across the globe, suicide is an important and leading cause of death during pregnancy and after childbirth. The estimates we have are likely to be under-estimates of the true figures because many death registers wrongly record deaths

Life profiles of suicide attempters in Northern Ireland: essential implications for suicide prevention

Suicide prevention researchers are particularly interested in elucidating factors that distinguish those who develop a desire to die by suicide from those who have developed both the desire and possess the capacity to attempt suicide. In the

Arsenic in drinking water and suicide

It is well-known that micro or trace minerals, like arsenic, aluminium, mercury and others are essential for good health. However, in spite of the fact that our body requires a tiny amount of arsenic in order to