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Heat shock protein as a novel druggable target in angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is a physiological process that involves formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels for efficiently providing oxygen and nutrients during growth and development, as well as during wound healing. Under pathological conditions, angiogenesis is regulated

Screening breast MRI in patients with personal history of breast cancer

This study looked at patients who had a personal history of breast cancer diagnosed at a premenopausal age to see if having screening breast MRI provided a benefit to the patient. Patients with a personal history of

Possible mechanisms of amyloid growth

At present there is no consensus whether a protofilament is formed by joining oligomers or by adding monomers. The following questions can be posed: How many different mechanisms exist in the literature to describe the protein aggregation?

Systematic triangulation in evaluation

Data scarcity or unreliability and complexities of comparing and cross-checking information from diverse domains are among the most common challenges evaluators face. Systematic triangulation is a viable option to address such limitations. Used to identify key evaluation

How safe are we handling cytotoxics in academic laboratories in the UK?

Cytotoxics between practice and research Cytotoxics, mainly used in cancer treatment, are defined as agents that are toxic to living cells. Therefore, their handling needs to be carefully monitored in order to protect the user. The latter