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“Good kids in bad neighborhoods” – the role of bone marrow microenvironment in the development of acute myeloid leukemia

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common and aggressive blood cancer in adults and is associated with a high rate of mortality due to cancer therapy resistance and disease relapse. AML is characterized by severe deficiency

What predicts clinician dropout of a state-sponsored training program on best practices for improving children’s mental health?

In the U.S. , 1 in 5 children currently have or will have a serious mental disorder. State mental health systems care for many of these youth and are increasingly looking for ways to both improve the

Blockade of estrogen receptor alpha mitigates alcohol-evoked myocardial dysfunction in female rats

Recent evidence challenges the longstanding view that light-to-moderate alcohol drinking might confer cardioprotection, and the latter is mostly based on population studies in men or in male experimental animals. However, while the reduction in blood pressure caused

Cortisol levels as index for vulnerability to stress

Stress exposure is known to precipitate psychological disorders. However, large differences exist in how individuals respond to stress; whereas some people thrive under stressful situations, others break down and are at risk to develop psychopathology. One important

Routine brain MRIs may not be needed after meningioma surgery

A meningioma is a very common form of a brain tumor that tends to affect elderly patients and women. Most patients with meningiomas do not need any treatment, however, certain groups undergo surgical removal of the tumor.

Mixing Insulin with phospholipids at the air/water interface

The Insulin monomer is unstable and tends to macroscopically aggregate in aqueous solutions during storage. This is a consequence of solid fibers formed by aggregation of monomers and dimers under low pH conditions; and causes loss of

Humans become morning people with higher age

Sleep timing of humans can be classified alongside a continuum from early to late sleepers. Morning people or Larks get up early, have an early activity, and go to bed early bed. Evening types or Owls are

Digital model of the cancer cell

We are postulating that human cells should be analyzed as analog/digital systems (biological computers) capable of digitalizing the analog information from the environment, processing that information in digital form and producing a programmed action according to that

Moral considerations and in-utero babies

As life-saving technology increases, we must ensure that moral decision-making keeps up. Consider a baby in-utero, who has a large tumour likely to make normal birth difficult and dangerous, for mother and child. Attempts to deliver the

Human motor neurones: so well-known or still unknown?

Movements, the fundamental base of normal human life, are produced when our skeletal muscles contract and relax, submitting to control by special nervous cells, the so-called motor neurones (motoneurones) placed in the spinal cord. It is surprising