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Rapid monitoring of the impact of polymicrobial infections using electrochemical sensors

AoS. Rapid Monitoring of the Impact of Polymicrobial Infections Using Electrochemical Sensors

The development of bacterial infections is a major challenge as pathogenic bacteria spread through healthcare facilities where patients may come in contact with complex bacterial communities heavily colonizing on hospital surfaces. These bacteria cause internal and external

Autophagy suppression decreases craniofacial bone mass

AoS. Autophagy suppression decreases craniofacial bone mass

Macroautophagy (hereafter autophagy) is the main intracellular degradation mechanism to maintain cellular homeostasis by degrading misfolded proteins, recycling dysfunctional organelles, and generating energy fuels under physiological and pathological conditions. Autophagy consists of two major steps: autophagosome formation,