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Big tasks for small flies: signaling cascades may help insects to detect faint odor traces

Have you ever wondered how a tiny vinegar fly manages to find its way to a ripened fruit in your kitchen? As many other insects flies possess a very keen sense of smell, which allows them to

Of flies and men: investigating human disease in fruit flies

My lab studies diseases which affect the neurons connecting our brains to the muscles throughout our bodies, called motor neurons. In particular, we are interested in the hereditary spastic paraplegias (or HSPs for short), a group of

Two male forms vs one female form in a new black fly discovered from Malaysia

A new species of black fly (tiny, two-winged biting fly with its body 2–3 mm long) discovered from Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia, was given a new name, Simulium mirum. Simulium is a genus name and mirum is