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Murburn concept explains why oxygen is acutely needed to sustain life

Murburn concept (from “mured burning”, signifying a restricted uncontrolled oxidative process) provides a tangible rationale why oxygen is so quintessential for immediate maintenance of life-order. It postulates that oxygen-centered diffusible reactive species (DRS, like superoxide radical) are

Seaweed growing skyward with state-of-the-art green photobioreactor technology

Seaweed or marine macroalgae are renowned globally for applications spanning from functional food, animal feed, commodity chemicals and biofuels. Owing to its huge commercial demand, need for intensive seaweed farming has been rising over the decade. The

Mimicking enzymes using artificial proteins

Critical to life on earth is the ability of proteins called enzymes to catalyze a wide range of chemical reactions, such as producing essential molecules by breaking down food in humans, and producing oxygen from water in

Is ecotype difference in switchgrass a reflection of photosynthetic efficiency?

Switchgrass, a warm season perennial grass native to the North American Prairie, is a potential cellulosic feedstock for biofuel production in the United States. Using switchgrass for bioenergy production is environmentally friendly and economically feasible. It is

‘Resurrection plants’, our ticket to crop drought tolerance?

The loss of crops or decrease in crop yields due to drought has been and still is a major natural disaster, resulting in multiple devastating humanitarian and environmental impacts. This is becoming prevalent in almost every inhabited

Fuel from sunlight and the new energy economy

Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel that is gaining increasing attention as the renewable energy economy continues to evolve. Hydrogen fuel stations appearing in California and the release of a commercial fuel-cell vehicle in mid-2015 by Toyota are

Exploitation of bacteria for solar energy harvesting

The amount of solar light hitting the surface of the earth in one hour is enough to meet the energy requirements of the whole earth for one year, the challenge is to design a system to convert

Origin of photosynthesis: Is photosynthetic ability present in Actinobacteria?

The origin of photosynthesis, which sustains most life on earth, by converting light energy from the sun into chemical energy for plants, animals and other organism, remains an important unresolved problem in the history of life. Besides

Holding on to the electrons in artificial photosynthesis

For our future sustainable society mankind will have to make efficient use of solar energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity is already a powerful technology, but for storage and transport we need liquid fuels, which have