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Connective tissue that changes stiffness under nervous control

When you keep raising your hand, your muscles will soon get tired. What if your skin stiffens in the raised position?You can let your muscles relax and still your hand maintains the raised posture. This is what

Fragments of erythrocyte membranes are not only able to stop the bleeding, but also are able to prevent the spread of thrombosis

Red blood cells (RBCs), also called erythrocytes, are the most common type of blood cell and principal means of delivering oxygen to body tissues. Human erythrocytes develop from stem cells into mature erythrocytes in about 7 days. When matured, in a healthy individual these

Emphysematous eosinophilic lymphangitis in the bovine rumen

Inflammation of lymphatic vessels (lymphangitis) is usually caused by a variety of bacterial or parasitic infections. Disorders characterized by emphysematous dilation of lymphatic vessels (lymphangiectasis) associated with inflammatory process are uncommon. A typical example of such rare

Bioresorbable Mg implants modified by nanostructured merwinite/PEO coating for hard tissue repairs

Metallic biomaterials for example stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt – based alloys are using as permanent bone implant materials for orthopedic applications. However, they have some problems : 1 ) the difference between the mechanical properties of

Small-molecule RETRA is effective against a fatal childhood cancer

The bone tumor Ewing’s sarcoma is one of the most aggressive cancers in childhood and adolescence. Before the era of chemotherapy, more than 90% of Ewing’s sarcoma patients succumbed to their disease. With the introduction of intensive

Epstein–Barr virus in peripheral blood predicts response to rituximab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease, characterized by chronic inflammation of the joints that may cause permanent cartilage and bone damage. The cause of RA is unknown. It is, however, believed that a combination of genes

Use of an in vitro model of blastema tissue from Rabbit pinna

Rabbit ear wound repair is an accepted model for studies of tissue regeneration, leading to scar less wound repair. It is believed that a specific tissue, blastema, is responsible for such interesting capacity of tissue regeneration. To

From cell to society: a nutritional intervention to offset the age-related loss in lean tissue mass

Society is aware of obesity. Defined by the WHO, obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. A 40y person with normal BMI will progress to obesity at 70y through an annual gain

Tricking the body into building new heart valves and blood vessels

When heart valves or small blood vessels fail, surgically implanting a replacement can be a life-saving operation. Right now, replacement blood vessels are harvested from the patient’s leg or chest, which is an additional invasive procedure. Heart

Measuring what cells feel using the nano-epsilon dot method

When we walk on the sand, a trampoline or a concrete pavement, we can feel the hardness, softness and springiness of the ground and respond by changing the way we move. The way we respond depends on

A promising biointerface for endothelial cells assembled from mixed poly(dopamine) film

When implants are put into a patient’s body, there will be contact between this material and the surrounding tissue. Successful implantation requires that the body integrates the foreign materials. The surface of implants plays an important role

Image processing as a facile method to determine pore size distribution in porous scaffold

Scaffold for tissue engineering are porous devices which allows the regeneration of living tissues such as bone, cartilage or other tissues. Some studies demonstrated that the regenerative properties of the scaffold are strongly dependent both on the

Making it easier to study personalized genomic biomarkers of lung disease

In the past few years, there has been significant progress in understanding how lung disease develops and predict who will respond to certain targeted therapies by obtaining lung tissue from research participants and studying changes in mechanistic

Helpful tool for the characterization of cancer

Follicular lymphoma is a sort of blood cancer and among the most frequent subtypes of indolent (painless) lymphomas. Most patients are diagnosed very late, when the illness is in an advanced stage. The origins of the tumor