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Frac-seq uncovers widespread RNA dysregulation in severe asthma

Frac-seq uncovers widespread RNA

Asthma is a common chronic disease consisting of constriction and inflammation of the airways as well as structural changes known as remodelling (Fig. 1). 5-10% of patients have severe asthma, whereby symptoms persist despite regular and correct

Oral corticosteroids on hand to treat the next asthma exacerbation?

Outcome of asthma the years before and after oral corticosteroids were provided to parents for treatment of the next exacerbation.

Asthma exacerbations are a major cause of visits to an emergency room, especially for children. What is an asthma exacerbation? There is general agreement that acute symptoms of asthma become an exacerbation when they are more frequent

The use of dry powder mannitol in respiratory disease

The use of dry powder mannitolin respiratory disease

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways causing them to be hyperresponsive to a wide range of stimuli. It is a common disease both in children and adults and most asthmatics suffer from allergies and from

Fatal asthma, thunderstorms and grass pollen

Pathogenesis of thunderstorm asthma

More than a dozen epidemics of thunderstorm-related acute severe asthma have been reported in past 3 decades. The largest event occurred in Melbourne Australia (October 2016) affected more than 8,000 individuals and resulted in ten deaths. This

Towards next-generation optimized personalized inhalers

Asthma is a chronic disease involving the airways in the lungs characterized by recurring attacks of panting and wheezing. Asthma affects about 300 million people and is a leading cause of hospitalization and ER costs for children

Kinase inhibitors and new treatments for asthma and COPD

Kinases are enzymes that phosphorylate proteins, leading to their activation within cells. Over 500 kinases have now been identified in human cells and they activate many processes in the cells, including the production of inflammatory mediators. Kinases

Improving asthma control, one school at a time

Asthma is a big problem: it affects almost 10% of children in the United States and costs $56 billion a year in direct and indirect costs. Every day, 36,000 children miss school because of asthma, and children

Chronic rhinosinusitis patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease have a significantly higher prevalence of atopy and asthma

An association between chronic rhinosinusitis ( CRS ) and gastroesophageal reflux disease ( GERD ) has been previously reported. GERD shares several similarities with the pathophysiology of CRS and atopy. CRS and GERD both can present with

Shortness of breath from exercise: facts and fiction

Both athletes and aspiring young athletes can be concerned about getting excessively short of breath during exercise. Does that mean there is something wrong? The answer is maybe or maybe not.  All too often, the assumption is

Why clinical practice guidelines for asthma hinder rather than help

Asthma is the leading reason children are hospitalized. Visits to emergency rooms, missed school, and missed work for the parents are further results of this common disorder. Recognizing the problem, guidelines were published by an Expert Panel

Antibiotics for treatment of asthma-like episodes in childhood

Childhood asthma is often preceded by recurrent episodes of asthma-like symptoms in relation to airway infections in the first years of life. Treatment of such episodes represents a major unmet clinical need; they are the most common

Action plans for pediatric eczema: Are they effective?

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is like asthma in that it requires patients to change their medications and/or treatment depending on their symptoms.  This can be very confusing for many patients. An Asthma Action Plan has

Understanding asthma using the maths of the stock markets

To unpack the wealth of results emerging from a massive seven-year study of several hundred people with severe asthma, researchers in Southampton and Portsmouth are turning to the mathematics of the financial trading markets. Asthma is a

A new paradigm for asthma management

What does Dr. Weinberger mean by needing a new paradigm for managing asthma?  A paradigm is essentially a way of thinking about a problem and a method for doing something about that problem.  And we do have

Vitamin D may contribute to development of asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease, which development mechanism has not been fully investigated yet. Despite the progress of medical science in asthma field, morbidity of this disease remains high worldwide. Scientists raise hypothesis that vitamin

A simple calculation using routine blood test results can identify eosinophilic asthma patients

Complete blood count (CBC) with differential, a standard test that enumerates different types of white cells in peripheral blood, is often performed during routine patient visits in clinics and hospitals. The test can be used to differentiate

Markers that predict treatment response to inhaled corticosteroids in children with asthma

Asthma is a common chronic condition caused by inflammation in the tubes that pass air in and out of the lungs.  When asthma is poorly controlled, children cannot breathe normally, cannot play and exercise, and may have

A formula for better asthma, cold and heart medications

Imagine that you had found a way to drop the dose of your asthma medication ten-fold, increase its duration of activity from a couple of hours to all day, and still get the same relief as before.

New and future strategies for asthma control in children

Asthma continues to be a predominant health concern in children despite advances in medical care. Children are being diagnosed with asthma at earlier ages, and the adverse effects of early-onset, poorly controlled asthma can last throughout childhood

What do we know and what can we do about asthma?

Asthma affects more than 300 million people of all ages and both genders worldwide and causes a huge financial burden on health systems and governments. Asthmatics have sensitive airways which over react to triggers such as allergens,