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Engineering long-wavelength light-driven ion channels to hear the light

Artificial stimulation of the cochlea.

Optogenetics enables the remote control of neuronal activity by light. This is accomplished by channelrhodopsins, light-sensitive molecular switches, which are integrated into the neurons by adeno-associated viruses (AAVs)as gene ferries. AAVs are convenient and safe for gene

Using glowing yeast to keep food safe

Dioxins and dioxin-like chemicals (DLCs) are a problematic group of pollutants that come from both natural and man-made origins. They do not easily break down on their own, which means that once they are present in an

Friendly supporter or unfriendly disrupter? Understanding extraordinary phenomena under high humidity for novel oxychloride photocatalysts

Water, a strongly polar molecule made up of hydrogen and oxygen, is indispensable for human beings as well as all living organisms. We obtain energy for our activities mostly from oxidation of food, but tracing this back

Chloroplast movements after blue light pulses give new insights into the photoreceptor functioning

Plants rely on light as a source of energy. The availability of light is often a limiting factor for the process of photosynthesis. However, too much light can cause cell damage. Plants have numerous mechanisms of adjusting

The power of laser light to repair brain from stroke injury

Transcranial near-infrared laser therapy (TLT) also known as NILT is a powerful non-invasive method to promote neuroprotection and repair of the damaged brain. How does it work? For many years, researchers have hypothesized that laser light at

White light emissive molecular siblings

Human eye is capable of detecting only a relatively tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However limited our vision might be, it is filled with the experiences of numerous colors, colors that control our emotional responses.  White-light

Benefits of aging?

Does pain increase or decrease with age, and if so, what causes the change?  A factor we considered is that sensitivity to pain could be altered by an age-related loss of neurons involved in regulation of affective/emotional

Infrared does more good than bad for the skin: how can we learn from the sun

In the last decade, it has been proposed that the sun’s Infrared (IR) wavelengths might be damaging human skin and that sunscreens, in addition to their desired effect to protect against Ultraviolet (UV), should also protect against

Light enhances the blood glucose monitoring with naked eye

Enzymes play an important role in the body of a plant or animal. Natural enzymes have been extensively investigated and widely applied in industry because of their excellent properties, including high substrate specificity and catalytic efficiency. However,

Light as a green tool in pharmaceutical approach: myths, reality and possibility

Daylight is an electromagnetic photo-radiation that comprises visible and ultraviolet lights. Since the beginning of creation and light is being used in both simple and complicated biological processes, for example plants use the light energy in the

Photomultiplication type polymer photodetectors with broad spectral response range from UV light to NIR

Polymer photodetectors (PPDs) have attracted more and more attention due to the low cost, flexible and environment friendly and lighter weight compared to their inorganic counterpart. Up to now, most of the reported PPDs are photodiode type

Lighting up a flashlight without batteries

What people often do is the usage of batteries to light a lamp or a flashlight for illumination. Herein, researchers from Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) shall tell you another way to

Influence of light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs on broilers grown to heavy weights

Light management influences growth, reproduction and behavior. Lighting programs slow the early growth rate of broilers allowing them to achieve physiological maturity prior to maximal rate of muscle mass accretion. Selected blood variables including blood gases are