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Do surgeons need to rewash their hands during operations that last long?

More than one hundred and fifty years ago surgical pioneers like Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister introduced hand washing and sterile surgical techniques to prevent surgical site infection (SSI). However, despite advances in infection control practices over

Spectroscopy of biophotons radiated from a fingertip

What color of light beams are emitting from your fingertips? That is neither a fantasy nor an occult question. If you possessed eyes of extremely high-sensitivity or had a special CCD camera like one used for a

What do we know about weight regain following the sleeve gastrectomy weight loss operation?

Obesity is increasingly common and has devastating effects on society.  When an individual is obese, they are more likely to have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and cancer.  Furthermore, obese people have less quality of life and

The old-generation smallpox vaccines – Are we ready for the tomorrow outbreak?

Smallpox disease has menaced the world throughout history with large scale epidemics and a case fatality rate of about 30%.  Following the introduction of smallpox vaccine by Eduard Jenner in 1796, and later with the global effort