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The protein p62 helps liver cancer-initiating cells survive

The most common form of adult liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. HCC arises from persistent liver inflammation related to hepatitis B or C infection, alcohol consumption, or

Verapamil and a loop diuretic modestly reduce the intracellular pH of cortical neurons: a contribution to their anti-seizure potency?

A tight regulation of the intracellular pH ( pHi ) is needed to preserve essential cell functions, e. g. involved in cell communication and viability ( Fig. 1A ). In mammalian cortical neurons, pHi – regulation is

A novel approach to reliably predicting efficient visual search

Working memory load is the capacity of mental effort we put into memorizing information over a period of time. Researchers use an eye-tracker as a passive implicit input device to measure eye movement as an indicator of

Wheat microRNA ancestors

Bread wheat, Triticum aestivum L., is one of the most important crops as a food source by providing approximately 20 % of human dietary energy. Bread wheat is harvested all over the world distributed more than 200

Bioethanol production from corn waste following an optimized hydrothermal pretreatment process

Depletion of crude oil reserves alongside rapid climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have led scientific community to seek alternative energy sources. Renewable energy sources such as 2nd generation biofuels have garnered a lot of