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Microfluidic tumor models help pre-clinical screening of T cell cancer immunotherapies

Cancer immunotherapy draws upon the patient’s own immune system to recognize and fight the disease. One form of cancer immunotherapy is known as adoptive T cell therapy (ACT) consisting of isolation, genetic manipulation and reinfusion into the

Using social media to improve parent-child relationships?

My 6- and 4-year-old boys give me lots of fun despite the troubles that they make every day. The two of them differ in intellectual development, but both have become more eager to know “why”—when my wife

3,3′-diindolylmethane is a novel signalling molecule in Canola plants

Glucosinolates are organic compounds which exist in the Brassica family of plants and which are derived from glucose and amino acids and consists of sulphur and nitrogen in their structure. Glucosinolates exist as many different compounds in

Simple mathematical formulas for tracking the number of antibiotic resistance cases globally

In order to continue to live, microbes and germs have found ways to prevent drugs from killing them in the process of curing patients—when the patients ingest the drugs for treatment. Microbes destroying drugs within patients and