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The power of laser light to repair brain from stroke injury

Transcranial near-infrared laser therapy (TLT) also known as NILT is a powerful non-invasive method to promote neuroprotection and repair of the damaged brain. How does it work? For many years, researchers have hypothesized that laser light at

Warming and increased rainfall are changing malaria hotspots in the highlands of Burundi

Children under five years old are more affected by malaria than any other age group, accounting for 78% of malaria related deaths in 2012. Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest burden of malaria deaths world-wide, with 229,486 of

STAT3: The double edged molecular sword in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia cells

The common denominator of different types of cancers is an ever expanding clone that originates from a single cell. In acute leukemia the clonal expansion may be very rapid and the clone double its size sometimes within

Educating jurors about eyewitness testimony in criminal cases

Eyewitness error is the leading cause of wrongful criminal convictions. One in three eyewitnesses identifies an innocent person. Jurors and legal professionals have limited knowledge of factors affecting eyewitness accuracy, and have trouble applying such knowledge to

Radioactivity of Egyptian oil ashes

The activity concentrations of the Egyptian Heavy fuel oil (HFO) ashes are mainly caused by 210Pb and 226Ra (Fig. 1). The radioactivity due to 238U and 232Th was found to be negligible (2-21 Bqkg-1). The average activities