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A new dimension to molecular mechanisms underlying learning

Neurons are the excitable cells responsible for processing and transmitting information in the nervous system. A neuron typically extends a long thin axon to transmit information to target cells and several shorter dendrites that receive input from

Mild cognitive impairment in older people around the world

The global population is ageing rapidly, and bringing with it an increase in the number of people experiencing physical and mental health conditions associated with older age. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a common condition among older

LabCollector LIMS and ELN for improving productivity in the lab

Lab management is difficult. There are many diverse tasks including: directing experiments, analyzing data, writing papers/reports, equipment maintenance and more.  It is easy to find yourself also busy with administrative tasks, such as ordering reagents and updating

Folding of DNA strand controlled by designed stimuli

Folding of biomolecule strands (such as proteins and nucleic acids) play important fundamental role in emerging their functions such as binding to the partner molecules (only folded structures can have function to bind the partner molecules) to