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An innovative forensic “clock” for determining the time of a crime

Determining the time since deposition, or age, of bloodstains found at crime scenes is a highly important and integral part of forensic investigations. Knowing this crucial information can help forensic investigators determine the order of events and

Different morphs for different seasons: Seasonality of an insect invader

The Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), a cousin of the widely-studied model organism Drosophila melanogaster, is a devastating pest of fruit crops such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries.  SWD females lay their eggs inside of fresh fruit,

Surprisingly diverse impacts of SMARCB1 loss on gene expression programs in a lethal pediatric cancer

Malignant rhabdoid tumors (MRTs) are aggressive childhood cancers that are often resistant to chemotherapies and spread to other areas in the body (metastasis), making them one of the most lethal solid cancers known. Primary MRTs are frequently

Zinc homeostasis in myeloid cells is regulated by epigenetic mechanisms

Zinc is an essential trace element with integral roles in numerous biological processes, including enzymatic function, protein structure, and cell signaling pathways. This metal serves as a catalytic or structural cofactor for about 300 different proteins. Abnormal

Are Irish therapists at increased risk of low back pain? – Comparison with national working population

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is a broad term used to describe a number of inflammatory and degenerative conditions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves and supporting blood vessels. They affect the upper limbs, lower limbs and the