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What do patients think about regaining weight after weight-loss surgery?

Obesity is increasingly common and has devastating effects on society.  When an individual is obese, they are more likely to have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and cancer.  Furthermore, obese people have less quality of life and

Bone from tissue banking to regenerate the lost bone jaws induce the production of antibodies

Dental implants have shown important role in dentistry, reaching success rates in osseointegration at the order of 97% of cases. The dental implant is a titanium device which is positioned in the alveolar bone, so as to

Caesarean section changes the gut colonization of the newborn – a link to disease risk?

Delivery by means of caesarean section is a shared risk factor for several immune-mediated diseases in childhood, including asthma. The healthy embryo is believed to be sterile, receiving the first bacteria from mother´s birth canal and intestinal