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Viable RNase H1 knockout mice: The end of an enigma

Human cells have two RNase H enzymes, HI and H2. RNase H enzymes degrade RNA but only when an RNA strand is hybridized to a DNA strand forming an RNA-DNA heteroduplex. These enzymes are present in almost

Another aspect in use of DMSO in medicinal chemistry

Drug discovery and development might be a long and arduous journey. A brave traveler steps forward enthusiastically, but unfortunately and almost always gets lost and comes back to the beginning, and thus only rarely gains a fruit

When inhibition means activation: towards the disclosure of the role of PKCδ in cell demise

Gliomas are highly invasive tumor cells which synthesize numbers of proteins/enzymes performing different functions. Some of these enzymes affect the cells survival, proliferation and migration, the others force the cells to commit suicide known under the term

Product of red grapes protects kidney from anticancer toxicity by increasing its extruding protein

Cancer chemotherapy is a double-edged tool. At one side, increasing anticancer dose may cure cancer but can cause severe toxic effects to vital organs. At the other side, decreasing the dose can protect vital organs from the

Landscapes of jasmonates during flower development and leaf stresses

Hormones are small compounds which regulate many aspects of life, from organ development to environmental adaptations. Jasmonates are plant hormones controlling various biological processes including flower development and defense against insects and fungi. In order to conserve