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How sustainable is British biogas?

Biogas is a renewable fuel produced from the controlled decomposition of organic material in the absence of oxygen (“anaerobic digestion”). Biogas contains 50-60% methane, and can be combusted to generate heat and electricity, or cleaned of impurities

Just add water; boiling up high-performing thermoelectrics

Thermoelectric materials can realise direct conversion from thermal to electrical energy and offer unique opportunities to harvest useful electricity from waste heat. Tin selenide (SnSe) is one of the best thermoelectrics currently known as it combines an

From parasitic microfungi towards the origins of Microsporidia

Microsporidia are unicellular eukaryotic parasites, infecting virtually all animals including humans. They are characterized by peculiar morphological and genetic features, which are the result of their extreme adaptation to the intracellular lifestyle. Interestingly, the infection apparatus in

Respiratory function monitoring in ventilated newborns

Respiratory failure is a common problem in premature newborn infants due to the immaturity. In newborns with sufficient spontaneous breathing efforts, non-invasive ventilation support is commonly used, but intubation and mechanical ventilation are often unavoidable. Although intubation