Daily Archives: October 25, 2016

Immune depression in the malnourished child: Knowledge all dressed up with nowhere to go

Nearly one million children under five years of age die annually from wasting deficits of protein and energy acting in synergy with pneumonia and diarrhea, and this toll is undoubtedly exceeded numerically by an additional burden of

Safety first: Ammonia storage in nickel salts for safe and clean vehicles

Hydrogen is what many scientists believe to be the best replacement for fossil fuels in mobile applications such as cars. It contains a lot of energy, it can be used in fuel cells and using hydrogen produces

Hoopoes modulate their alliance with beneficial bacteria along the nesting phase

Alliances with microorganisms are crucial for animal life and survival. Beneficial associations between animals and bacteria and other microbes are quite diverse. Perhaps, the most widely extended and known association between animals and microorganisms is that of

Obesity in British and German online newspapers

How news articles discuss events and issues may impact how these events and issues are understood by people and what courses of action receive more support. Much has therefore been written about the news representation of obesity