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Role of heterochromatin in establishing and changing cell fate

In development, a fertilized egg replicates many times, growing into an embryo and differentiating into many types of cells. In people, differentiation generates brain cells, muscle cells, and fat cells, among others. Each cell type has its

What makes people under stress more vulnerable to become addicted to cocaine? Brain BDNF may be the key

Annually, drug addiction leads to 0.5 – 1.3% of mortality for people between 15-64 years of age and has an estimated economic impact of $524 billion in the U.S, due to addiction-related health care, loss of productivity,

Can we replace heparin with saline in long term central venous catheters in children?

A central venous catheter (CVC) is a long, thin, flexible tube which is inserted into a large central vein. This enables access to the blood stream for people with serious medical conditions to receive medications and fluids,

Climate change and global warming affect dairy cattle reproduction

The increase in average global temperatures is a major threat not only to human beings but also to farm animals, especially dairy cattle. Animal welfare is nowadays a priority and reproduction is actually something of an Achilles