Daily Archives: October 12, 2016

How realistic is the potential global spread of Zika virus and should we all be worried?

Unless you have taken a holiday on Mars for the whole of this year no doubt by now you will have heard of Zika. This is the virus that has emerged in the last 18 months to

Introducing Thermal Wave Transport Analysis (TWTA): a thermal technique for dopamine detection

The glucose sensor is an excellent example of a point-of-care test: patients conduct measurements at home, it is fast, low-cost, and offers easy interpretation of results. There is a growing market to develop similar devices for testing

Maximizing conservation investment for recovering endangered species

Forty years ago the US Endangered Species Act (ESA) went into effect, and today it protects around 1,500 different species. While the ESA has been successful in bringing some species back from the brink of extinction, it

Cellular level and lifetime of a small RNA increase in response to heat shock

Heat shock induces a variety of biochemical changes in cells. In particular, the transcription of most genes and the translation of many mRNAs are stopped. On the other hand, the expression of genes coding for heat shock